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SNL HPC Resources for the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)

Sandia National Laboratories will be providing access to the Solo HPC platform on the External Collaboration Network. Solo contains 374 nodes with 13,464 2.1 GHz Intel Broadwell E5-2695 cores available for researchers as part of the OSTP COVID-19 HPC Consortium. Sandia National Laboratories has subject matter expertise in deploying bioinformatic, genomic and metagenomic tools onto our HPC platform. Meaningful engagement on this consortium is a priority for Sandia, and we can provide one-on-one support from our subject matter experts in deploying software, containers and analyses on our system.


System Nodes / cores Short/Batch
Processor Type
#sockets x #cores
RAM per Node Interconnect OS Vendor Peta FLOPS Processor Hrs/Yr GA Date
Solo 374 / 13,464 4 / 370 2.1 GHz Intel Broadwell
E5-2695 v4
2S x 18C (36 cores /node)
128 Omni-Path RHEL 7 Penguin 0.460 pF 117,944,640  Feb 2017