srngate menu

To access SNL's ECN Capacity Clusters, SRN Capacity Clusters and SRN Advanced Architecture Testbeds. Note: For more information on logging into the Advanced Architecture Testbeds, please see the Advanced Architecture FAQ entry How do I log in to a testbed?

SSH to using your preferred method;

  • From a terminal window
    •  ssh -l (or just your SNL UserID depending on where your are coming from. If one fails, try the other)
    • Use the passcode from your SNL issued CryptoCard as your password when prompted.
  •  From an SSH Client
    • Host Name:
    • Port: 22
    • Username: SNL UserID
    • Password: Passcode from SNL issued CryptoCard

From the srngate menu (pictured above);

  • Select option 2 kinit Acquire kerberos credentials to get Kerberos credentials
  • At the password prompt, enter your SNL SRN Kerberos password
  • You will be returned to the srngate menu  above, select option 1 ssh session to ssh to a specific system
    • Try the system name e.g. "skybridge". If that doesn't work, try a specific login node name. Login nodes are usually in machine-login[1,2,...] format.
    • Most HPC clusters and testbeds will use the SRN Kerberos password. A notable exception is Solo, which will use an ECN password.