Solo Production Cluster

Image of Solo

This contains high-level information about non-restricted HPC platforms for use at SNL.

Solo374/13,464Intel Xeon Broadwell128 GB460


  • Network: Solo is on SNL’s External Collaboration Network (ECN).
  • Design: Solo was one of SNL’s first DOE NNSA ASC Commodity Technology Systems (CTS-1) procurements.
  • Processor: Each of Solo’s 374 compute nodes contain a dual-socket motherboard and each socket contains a 2.1 GHz Intel Xeon Broadwell (BDW) E5-2695v4 18-core CPU. This provides 36 cores per node.
  • Interconnect: Intel Omni-Path high speed interconnect with Intel OPA hardware that includes node HFI, Edge and Core switches, and Mellanox ConnectX4 HCAs in IO nodes.
  • Operating System: Tri-lab Operating System Software (TOSS3) is a Tri-Lab system software package that provides a common cluster management software stack based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
  • Vendor: Penguin Computing supplied this system.
Note - Export Controlled Data and Applications are NOT allowed on Solo.