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How to Access Links on This Site:

A number of the links on this site require authentication. These links are designated with a red asterisk (*). Additionally, many of the pages these links point to require authentication. Instructions for authentication differ, depending upon where you are coming from, and where you wish to visit.

  • SNL Web Pages: Click here for information on accessing SNL website with your local site’s authentication
  • LLNL Web Pages: Most pages do NOT require authentication. For pages that DO require authentication, SNL and LANL users: use your fully qualified DCE username and Kerberos password. For example:
    • username
    • password
  • LANL Web Pages: Most pages DO require authentication. SNL and LLNL users:
    • username =  LANL Z-number
    • password = LANL CryptoCard password

HPC Annual Reports

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