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Sandia Labs participates in the world's leading HPC conference

Once again, members of the Sandia National Lab's workforce share their expertise with the HPC community at SC20 through tutorials and workshops, technical posters and papers, numerous Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, the Early Career Program, and recruiting activities.
This is a day-by-day guide to sessions featuring Sandia National Labs staff - click on the links for more information. To see how other DOE labs are participating visit the DOE Booth website at scdoe.info.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Using Containers to Accelerate HPC
2:30pm – 6:30pm EST, Track 7
Presenters:  Richard S. Canon, Marco De La Pierre, Carlos Eduardo Arango, Sameer Shende, Andrew J. Younge

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


First International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software
10am - 6:30pm EST, Track 3
Session Chairs: Yuri Alexeev, Travis Humble, Michael McGuigan, Scott Pakin

Sandia Author/Presenters: Ojas Parekh, Erik Nielsen, Timothy Proctor, Kenneth Rudinger, Kevin Young, Robin Blume-Kohout


FTXS: Workshop on Fault-Tolerance for HPC at Extreme Scale
10am - 1:30pm EST, Track 11
Session Chairs: John Daly, Nathan DeBardeleben, Scott Levy, Keita Teranishi

Sandia Author/Presenters: Scott Levy, Keita Teranishi, Hemanth Kolla, Jackson R. Mayo, Robert C. Armstrong


HiPar20: Workshop on Hierarchical Parallelism for Exascale Computing
10am - 6:30pm EST, Track 1
Session Chairs: Daisy S Hollman, Lee Howes, X. Sherry Li, Francesco Rizzi

Sandia Author/Presenters: Daisy S Hollman, Christian Trott


IA^3 2020: 10th Workshop on Irregular Applications: Architectures and Algorithms
10am - 5:00pm EST, Track 4
Session Chairs: Vito Giovanni Castellana, John Feo, Antonino Tumeo

Sandia Author/Presenters: Erik Boman, Karen Devine, Sivasankaran Rajamanickam


MCHPC’20: Workshop on Memory Centric High-Performance Computing
10am - 6:30pm EST, Track 5
Session Chairs: Ron Brightwell, Maya Gokhale, Xian-He Sun, Yonghong Yan

Sandia Author/Presenters: Ron Brightwell, Stephen Olivier


Women in HPC: Diversifying the HPC Community and Engaging Male Allies
10am - 6:30pm EST, Track 8
Session Chairs: Toni Collis, Gokcen Kestor, Misbah Mubarak

Sandia Author/Presenters: Jay Lofstead


Thursday, November 12, 2020


CANOPIE-HPC: Containers and New Orchestration Paradigms for Isolated Environments in HPC
10am - 6:30pm EST, Track 9
Session Chairs: Richard Shane Canon, Reid Priedhorsky, Sanjana Sudarshan, Andrew Younge

Sandia Author/Presenters: Andrew Younge, Reid Priedhorsky


Fifth International Parallel Data Systems Workshop
10am - 6:30pm EST, Track 5
Session Chairs: Philip Carns, Jay Lofstead

Sandia Author/Presenters: Jay Lofstead


INDIS 2020: The 7th International Workshop on Innovating the Network for Data-Intensive Science
10am - 6:30pm EST, Track 4
Session Chairs: Mariam Kiran, Sarah M. Neuwirth, Michelle Zhu

Sandia Author/Presenters: Thomas Kroeger, Joseph P. Kenny, Jeremiah J. Wilke, Craig D. Ulmer, Gavin M. Baker, Samuel Knight, Jerrold A. Friesen


ISAV 2020: In Situ Infrastructures for Enabling Extreme-Scale Analysis and Visualization
10am - 6:30pm EST, Track 7
Session Chairs: Wes Bethel, Nicola Ferrier, Patrick O'Leary, Bruno Raffin

Sandia Author/Presenters: Kenneth Moreland


PMBS20: The 11th International Workshop on Performance Modeling, Benchmarking and Simulation of High-Performance Computer Systems
10am - 6:30pm EST, Track 2
Session Chairs: Simon Hammond, Stephen Jarvis, Steven A. Wright

Sandia Author/Presenters: Simon Hammond


PAW-ATM 2020: The 3rd Annual Parallel Applications Workshop, Alternatives To MPI+X
2:30pm - 6:30pm EST, Track 10
Session Chairs: Rosa M. Badia, Bradford Chamberlain, Bill Long, Karla Morris, Sean Treichler

Sandia Author/Presenters: Karla Morris

Friday, November 13, 2020


EduHPC20: Workshop on Education for High-Performance Computing
10am - 6:10pm EST, Track 5
Session Chairs: David P. Bunde, Debzani Deb, Trilce Estrada, Sushil Prasad

Sandia Author/Presenters: Jan Ciesko, David Poliakoff, Daisy Hallman, Christian Trott, Damien Lebrun-Grandie


ExaMPI: Workshop on Exascale MPI
10am - 6:10pm EST, Track 1
Session Chairs: Purushotham Bangalore, Ryan Grant, Daniel Holmes

Sandia Author/Presenters: Ryan Grant, Noah Evans, Jan Ciesko, Stephen L. Olivier, Jonathan Lifflander, Nicole Lemaster Slattengren, Nicolas Morales, Keita Teranishi, Jackson Mayo


Fourth International Workshop on Emerging Parallel and Distributed Runtime Systems and Middleware
10am - 2:00pm EST, Track 9
Session Chairs: Barbara M. Chapman, Guang R. Gao, Joseph Manzano, EunJung (EJ) Park, Shuaiwen Leon Song

Sandia Author/Presenters: Ryan Grant,


ROSS 2020: 10th International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers
10am - 4:45pm EST, Track 7
Session Chairs: Balazs Gerofi, Torsten Hoefler, Kamil Iskra

Sandia Author/Presenters: Stephen L. Olivier


WACCPD 2020: Seventh Workshop on Accelerator Programming Using Directives
10am - 2pm EST, Track 10
Session Chairs: Sridutt Bhalachandra, Sunita Chandrasekaran, Guido Juckeland, Sandra Wienke

Sandia Author/Presenters: Vinh Q. Dang, Joseph D. Kotulski, Sivasankaran Rajamanickam


2nd Workshop on Machine Learning for Computing Systems
2:30pm – 6:30pm EST, Track 9
Session Chairs: Todd Gamblin, Sam Ade Jacobs, Kadidia Konate, Elisabeth (Lissa) Moore

Sandia Author/Presenters: Vitus J. Leung

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Impactful Visualizations
8:30am - 5pm EST, Poster Module
Authors: Brad Carvey, Chris Garasi, Mark Bolstad

State of the Practice Talk

Towards a Seamless Transition to Virtual Teams
3:30pm - 4pm EST, Track 7
Authors: Mahantesh Halappanavar, Katherine Wolf, Elaine Raybourn

Why We Need Strategies for Working Remotely: the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Panel Series
4pm – 4:30pm EST, Track 7
Authors: Elaine Raybourn

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Birds of a Feather

The IO-500 and the Virtual Institute of I/O
4pm – 5:15pm EST, Track 9
Session Leaders: Jay Lofstead, George Markomanolis, John Bent, Julian Kunkel, Andreas Dilger


Chronicles of Astra: Challenges and Lessons from the First Petascale Arm Supercomputer
11:00am – 11:30am EST, Track 2
Authors: Kevin Pedretti, Andrew J. Younge, Simon D. Hammond, James H. Laros III, Matthew L. Curry, Michael J. Aguilar, Robert J. Hoekstra, Ron Brightwell


Impactful Visualizations
2:17pm – 2:30pm EST, Track 8
Authors: Brad Carvey, Chris Garasi, Mark Bolstad

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Awards Presentation               

SC20 Awards Ceremony

3pm – 4pm EST, Track 1

Chair of Sessions: Jim M. Brandt


A Performance-Portable Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Dycore for the Energy Exascale Earth System Model Running at Cloud-Resolving Resolutions
1:30pm – 2pm EST, Track 2
Authors: Luca Bertagna, Oksana Guba, Mark A. Taylor, James G. Foucar, Andrew M. Bradley, Sivasankaran Rajamanickam, Andrew G. Salinger


Impactful Visualizations
8:30am – 5pm EST, Poster Module
Authors: Brad Carvey, Chris Garasi, Mark Bolstad